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Robert Pattinson cancels his wedding


Robert Pattinson cancels his wedding

Robert Pattinson cancels his wedding

Robert Pattinson cancels his wedding

Performing artist Robert Pattinson and artist FKA twigs have allegedly canceled their wedding.

Obviously, the Twilight performing artist fears their families will discharge all the couple’s insider facts to the media on the off chance that they were welcome to their wedding.

Sources tell site that dear loved ones “were left disturbed after the couple declined to welcome them to their wedding.”

Popularity was astounding yet pyschologically requesting: Robert Pattinson

As indicated by the site, Pattinson “is stressed that somebody in his internal circle will dish the greater part of the couple’s insider facts to the media,” reports

Insiders assert that Pattinson doesn’t need anybody to be at his pre-marriage ceremony since he doesn’t need the points of interest spilled to the press.

“Now, nobody knows whether Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs will ever get married,” the site states.

Photograph: IB TIMES

As per sources, the on-screen character “needs to urgently keep their wedding arranges private (as) he detests that his association with his previous sweetheart Kristen Stewart is as yet standing out as truly newsworthy right up ’til today.

Robert Pattinson needs serene wedding

That is the reason he’s urgently attempting to keep his association with FKA under the radar. In any case, even his dear companions realize that will never happen.

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